Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons !!!

Just to tell you a little about my self , I took a coupon class at church. It got me hooked. I always thought Publix was too expensive for me and my family of four. But after learning that they took competitors coupons, and you can use a manufacturere's coupon together for the same item, the savings are great. Plus, the weekly Buy One Get One Free deals are great. This week I will be getting Bic Soleil Razors for free, and .15 cents for a box of Fiber One Pot Tarts. IT took me a while to stock pile my pantry, that way I can buy only what is on sale week after week. I like Kroger and they have good deals as well, but I always more than what I plan on. This is why it is good to stick to a list and your coupons. I take my box of coupons with me where ever I go, just in case. Publix always has specials that are not advertised. One big thing I have learned is even if I don't think I will use a coupon cut it out anyway. I can always give the item to my church or food pantry, especially if it doesn't cost me anything.